"The biblical concept of heart is used to designate that inner world of immanence in each person where God wishes to communicate with us in a language of love that has to be experienced beyond words, concepts, images, or even emotional feelings. Most of us stand hesitatingly at the entrance of the cave of our heart. We really would like to go in. We suspect there is more to life, to God, to ourselves than our grasp of the mystery has up until now revealed to us. Some of us are ready to move more deeply in, but are more anxious to tell the world that we've been there, just a bit!"

George A. Maloney, S.J.

This diary only came into existence in April 2000. I felt it within myself that I wanted and needed to share more of myself, maybe even share on a daily basis.

Titled “I stand at the entrance of the cave of my heart,” it is, admittedly, a rather lengthy title. But it comes from a quote that is very precious to me. So the title stayed.

As time went on, however, I could not bring myself to write even on a semi-regular basis nor could I really tell it like it is. Not too much, anyway.

I have decided to discontinue with the diary. And though it was very short-lived, for some reason, I have also decided to let it remain accessible if there are others who would like to read past entries.

If you wish to read the diary, please e-mail me for the private URL: tcjmail @ thischildsjourney dot com

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