Even though I have not shared this personal homepage with members of my own family, I would still like to dedicate this entire site to them.

My family has always been important to me. To my late father, my mother, my four brothers, as well as my aunt, late uncle and late grandmother who lived with us until I was about thirteen years of age or so, I dedicate this journey of words to you.

I also dedicate this site to my husband, who has shared the latter part of this journey with me. Ups and downs, hills and valleys, good times and bad. It's all been said before. His is an incredible love.

This dedication is also for the many people who passed through my life and left their mark, however tiny. Without all of them, many of these pages could never have been written in the first place.

And I dedicate this to my Father, who created me, who brought me to this Earth through the love of my parents, who has sustained me through everything, who has always been a constant reminder that all things are possible through Him, even during the times when He might as well be telling me, "Oh ye of little faith."

"I have learnt to love you too late, Beauty so old and so new! I have learnt to love You too late! You were within me, and I looked out into the world, where I sought You outside myself, and in my deformity searched for You there and ran after the beauties that You made. You were within me, but I was not with You. The beauties that kept me away from You had no existence except in You. You called and shouted and broke into my deafness. You flashed and shone and dispelled my blindness. You sent forth fragrance, and I drew in my breath and panted for You. You touched me, and I burnt for Your peace."
(St. Augustine)

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