There was something wonderfully familiar and, at the same time, poignant, about this particular digital artwork, Lily Springs, from The Digital Fine Art Gallery of Diane Rooney. It was something I couldn't resist and I kept visiting, wanting to view it again and again.

The colours were also fresher and lighter, a vast difference from the first splash page which was dark and had a more sombre mood to it.

The flowers slipping from her hands, letting go of memories or heartache, or the what-might-have-been's. And there was always someone -- a male figure -- at the back of her mind. Sometimes he was the main focus; sometimes he stood on the sidelines, a mere shadowy figure. Who is he? Who was he? Or who should he be? Sometimes I know the answer to that. Sometimes ... I wish I knew.

Most of all, the design, strangely enough, reminded me of home, of my roots. It reminded me of a time long ago, one that is almost forgotten, but which I would very much like to revisit. So why wouldn't I love it?

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Splash page artwork created by
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